The Collective Art Events is a Bruneian creative platform that’s been devoted to the nurture of arts, culture and community since 2014. Our small but growing team has been hosting creative affairs in our home base and around the city to act as platforms for aspiring art and trade talents of our local creative community. We promote the under-looked but vital artistic and creative industry; our projects not only contribute to its growth but become a time for festivities and merrymaking in the collective Bruneian neighborhood.


Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the future of Brunei’s creative community. We believe that there is a place for artistic craft and trade in our economy and an untapped wealth of talent to spur it into life. Our mission is to function as a central hub for creatives to show off their work, by providing platforms for showcase and opportunities to network. Our vision is to see Bruneians embrace art and its usage by integrating it in media, campaigns and way of life. We strive to make this happen by creating designs and strategies that are innovative and refreshing to liven up the traditional corporate standard.